Constructions & Real Estate

Commercial & Residential

Alfa Group operates in the real estate market in Bucharest and elsewhere in Romania, for over ten years.
Group handles project development, managing vast knowledge in the field in order to identify the most effective real estate investment opportunities, while developing highly profitable projects.Our group has experience in a broad segment of the real estate market, including standard suites, luxury accommodation, offices and commercial spaces.
We evaluate perpetual new project opportunities . Each project begins by evaluating a number of three key components: a land with high potential and at a competitive price, strong market demand for the project and compliance with the legal provisions of the local authorities.


Roads & Bridges

One of our joint venture companies,C&I Euroconstruct SRL has as main activity the construction of roads and highways, construction of stadiums, construction of bridges and tunnels, hydraulic structures and ground preparation works .At the beginning of its activity concluding subcontracts and then contracts for establishment / upgrading / rehabilitation of roads and rehabilitation / construction of bridges and stadiums. Main objectives / work built or under construction from 2007 were reflected in the turnover of the company.



Our joint venture partner, C&I Euroconstruct SRL, was one of the constructors that participated to the building of two of the most modern stadiums in Europe. Starting from 2007 developed a vast experience in construction and upgrading of stadiums.