Oil & Energy

Pile Testing

Pile Integrity Testing (PIT) is a Non-Destructive integrity test method for foundation piles. It is a “Low Strain” Method (since it requires the impact of only a small hand-held hammer). The evaluation of PIT records is conducted either according to the Pulse-Echo (or Sonic Echo – a time domain analysis) or the Transient Response (frequency domain analysis) Procedure. This test is standardized by ASTM D5882 Standard Test Method for Low Strain Impact Integrity Testing of Deep Foundations.

Utillissing PIT-W 2003-2 software of PILE DYNAMICS Inc and applying the appropriate filters for each pile specifications the data are procest and evaluate

Geophysical Surveys

Operates a cutting technology equipment for the execution of Geophysical surveys with a wide range of applications:

  • Groundwater Surveys
  • Geothermal Surveys
  • Depth to Bedrock Assesment
  • Engineering Studies
  • Geological Structure Mapping
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Electromagnetic Research

Coil and Well Testing

We operate a modern fleet of Coiled Tubing Units with sizes ranging from 1” to 1 and 3/4”, the tubing is injected into vertical and horizontal wells to perform various servicing operations. Coiled Tubing operations are supported by the latest computerized technology to study the feasibility and safe execution of interventions, as well as record keeping and pipe data management to assure and provide the highest quality service delivery. The Coiled Tubing service applications include:

  • Fluid Circulation and/or Displacement ,
  • Cementing remedial operations ,
  • Well Stimulation and damage removal ,
  • Scale Removal and inhibition ,
  • Nitrogen Lifting and well unloading ,
  • Sand Cleanout and Wellbore Cleaning ,
  • Surface Well Testing
  • Surface and Bottom Hole Sampling
  • Reservoirs Studies

Pipe Recovery

When you need pipe recovery services, we has the specialized and experienced personnel ready to retrieve your pipe—no matter the hole conditions or the well environment.
Our pipe recovery professionals have acquired technical competence through years of experience and training and can offer all the wireline services related to pipe recovery.

Free point Services, Back-off Services
Drill Collar Severing Tool
Tubing Jet Cutters Services
Circulation Puncher, Split shoot Services
Chemical Cutters Services
Coil Tubing Cutters Services
RF Safety Detonator System


Our group provides a full range of perforation methods to help optimize your production.
Through Tubing and Casing perforating, can accommodate diameters ranging from 1.375’’-to 4 1/2’’. Our Gun systems including expendable strip carrier, retrievable tubing gun, and expendable hallow carrier guns allow us to accommodate your perforating needs.
Tubing Conveyed Perforating, used with coiled tubing is able to perforate long intervals using high-pressure differentials while also allowing for vertical and horizontal intervention.
Rig Environmental Detonators, we use advanced electro-explosives devices that are designed specifically for use with perforating guns and other explosive devices where a pressure resistant detonator is required. Enhanced safety characteristics allow

Oil Trading

One of our joint venture company has multinational experience in oil trading and industrial oil.This company is the trading arm of the Group and represents currently the main booking center of all industrial chemical and petrochemical products (Petroleum products, Base organic chemicals, Macromolecular products, Base inorganic chemicals) traded on the international market, imports/exports in/out of Romania, as well as on cross-markets from Europa, Asia, Middle East.

Green Energy

Concerned always about the environmental impact of fossil fuels, and the continuous increase of consumption every year (2%/year) we developed our division for renewable energies, focused especially on the solar energy. Our solar panels does not produce any pollution during operation lifetime, and a great advantage is represented by the presence of this energy all over the planet. Therefor we can implement the solar energy panels anywhere on Earth.