Operations & Management

MGI Telecom is one of the first international telecommunication operator, with the headquarter in Zurich and licensed in Switzerland. We use more than 50 directly routes, especially on Africa and Middle Orient. Our aim is to offer international calls at the higher quality and professional date services for the mobile and fix operators.Our 150 clients represent the most important operators from Europe, United States, Africa ans Asia.We are talking about operators who request the most higher standards concerning the international calls of their subscribers using direct routes.
MGI propose 3 types/domains of services:

1. establish the international calls only to a level which guarantees the highest quality.
2. perform the services for the mobile providers; reciving and transfer of text messages (SMS)
3. provider for the equipment and services for telecommunication domain.


Equipments & Infrastructure

The services, provided by our joint venture partner – MGI, connects telecommunication networks across the globe over dedicated satellite or submarine capacity. Making use of carrier grade technical equipment and partnering with the leading capacity providers, we are able to provide a high level of quality.

  • MGI operates a fully redundant dual-path global network based on state-of-the-art technology.
  • The Access POP’s  offers connectivity on TDM or IP.
  • The voice backbone is designed to scale to a minimum of 10 billions minutes per annum without Network buildout required.
  • Ability to terminate TDM/IP links in aggregation points located in Middle East, Asia, Africa, USA and Europe.

MGI revenue growth over 10 years from €3M to €170M, and succeded to have a positive netprofit all the time, susteined by an increased transit minutes grow:

  • 2010/11: 2 Billions
  • 2011/12: 3.2 Billions
  • 2012/13: 5 Billions

and reached 150 direct interconnections in 2013/14

With this facts our annual growth: CAGR > 30%