• Avoid long waits or queuing for you or business associates
  • Avoid unnecessary delays at commercial airports
  • No embarrassing security screening at checkpoints
  • No worry about sharing hostesses, catering and toilet facilities
  • You choose the jet you require
  • You select the exact departure time
  • You choose a location
  • VIP services and care
  • Relaxing, comfortable travel, arrive refreshed
  • High level of air safety
  • A choice of pilots, cabin crew and staff
  • Gourmet catering and exclusive service facilities
  • Luxury and always on time


Our newest aircraft



Our airline company, Alfa Air provides air transport services for traveling passengers. We operate domestic and international flights with aircrafts of the latest generation, our services answering the highest demands of comfort, personalized service and flight safety.

Our Fleet


Medical division ALFA AIR SERVICES provides, around the clock, air ambulance services for emergencies and non-emergencies, on domestic and international routes, including intensive care during flight and transportation on the ground. Our professional flight staff incorporates experienced pilots together with highly qualified flight paramedics and nurses. Alfa Air Ambulance’s aircrafts are well equipped with medical equipments managed and maintained by highly trained flight crew.

Search & Rescue

In our partnership with the mobile services for emergency and reanimation we took part of many rescue missions.

Our services include:

  • mountain rescue;
  • ground search and rescue
  • air rescue over water.


Utility Aviation

Midway Alfa Group working in aviation useful as an experienced company that offers complete and varied, such as:


  • applying herbicide and pest control treatments aviochimice
  • aerial fertilization and seeding pastures and crops
  • Air disinfection of public spaces (towns, villages, etc.) by spraying against mosquitoes and other insects
  • aerial surveillance
  • control and fire
  • protection of forests by air
  • feeding wildlife winter